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In Full Color Scholarship

In Full Color Scholarship

Farmhouse Pottery is a production pottery studio located in Woodstock, Vermont focused on old world traditions and handmade goods. Here at Farmhouse Pottery we pride ourselves on being America's largest studio for wheel thrown pottery. Each day we support our American dream by keeping wheels turning, and artists busy in our workshop.

Wheel thrown pottery is a specialized art and truly great craft, and we are grateful to be able to practice this artform, providing handmade pieces to homes around the world. As a way to give back and invest in the future generation of great ceramicists, specifically artists of color, we are awarding one $5,000 scholarship to a BIPOC ceramicist along with a paid summer internship at our workshop in Woodstock, Vermont.

Meet the In Full Color Scholarship Winners

2022 Recipient: Zahra Hooshyar

Zahra's Favorite Quote:
"When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money."
- Cree Proverb ⁠

Meet Zahra

Zahra is a first generation Iranian American artist. She is studying Studio Arts at UC Davis with a minor in Persian studies.⁠ Inspiration for Zahra's work draws largely on her Iranian culture, sustainability and humor. “To take a material out of the crust of the ground we walk on and shape it into a vessel that will feed and nourish someone, is something I will never tire of”, says Zahra.

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Ceramics has been deeply ingrained into the history of MANY black, brown, and indigenous cultures for centuries, however representation in the ceramics world has become white-dominated.
“If someone (like me) was to look into ceramics totally untethered, I would be so disheartened. But because of people like Filsoofi, or Emami, I feel so seen and have a sense of pride in my work!” 

Zahra Hooshyar's Pottery Samples

In Full Scholarship Winner 2021

2021 Recipient: Victoria Walton

Victoria is an emerging visual artist based in Baltimore City. When awarded the scholarship, Victoria was a senior completing her BFA in Ceramics at Towson University. Victoria also began pursuing an MFA in ceramics in the fall of 2021.

"Visibility is powerful, especially as a black woman in ceramics."
- Victoria Walton⁠

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