Committed to Our Craft

We aim to inspire others to see
the beauty of slow living through objects
that represent what it means to infuse the
everyday with creativity, intention and care.

Our Story

We are an old world pottery in the modern day. Established in 2012, we began our journey of creating a community of artisans that have a deep love for simple, honest, and beautiful pottery. Today, we offer a lifestyle that is rooted in the pursuit of authenticity, integrity, and joyful living.
farmhouse pottery in Woodstock Vermont facade in spring

Meet the Founder

Whether designing, potting, or catching the next wave – James takes inspiration from each day and savors the beauty of slow, authentic living. “At the time I didn’t realize I’d become a pioneer in the handmade pottery business. Our slower, authentic approach to manufacturing not only honors the natural material, it provides a livelihood for the American craftsman. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last decade.”
James at the wheel.

The Studio

Studio pottery is pottery that is made by hand, crafted from start to finish by a small group of artisans or craftspeople. At our Woodstock, Vermont studio, our potters craft each piece by hand. We are a community that escapes the world of modern machinery and mass production and we’re darn proud of it. We celebrate the art of studio pottery by being authentically handmade from the moment the clay touches the wheel to when it arrives at your door, so that you can have the most durable and timeless ceramic pieces around!
woman making pots at the potter's wheel