Production Assistant

Location: Woodstock, VT
Type: Full or Part time - Ideal schedule is Sunday through Thursday

About Us

Farmhouse Pottery is seeking a full-time employee to join our established workshop as a Production Assistant.   Farmhouse Pottery is a nationally recognized brand based in beautiful Woodstock, Vermont. We are looking for someone who is excited about growing with the business and becoming part of a close team.  

Job Description


Primary responsibilities include studio tasks that enable an efficient pottery studio, such as:

  • Kiln loading and unloading
  • Pull handles needed for the week
  • Prep clay by weighing & wedging prescribed quantities based on production work orders
  • Participate in weekly deep cleans in the studio and kiln room
  • Greenware transfers and cleaning of ware boards
  • Wax and prep bisqued pots to optimize efficiency in glaze department
  • Prepare pottery transfers for transport from production building to warehouse, including binning, counting and loading of pottery goods
  • Slab production and trimming pots if proper abilities are demonstrated
  • Any other duties as required


  • No previous experience necessary! We are willing to train the right candidate
  • Attention to detail while maintaining efficiency
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Reliability   

Physical Requirements: 

  • Frequently carry, raise or lower objects up to 40 pounds from one level to another
  • Remain on feet in upright position for continuous periods of time
  • Walk throughout building, including up and down stairs and outside
  • Exerting force up to 40 pounds on a regular basis so object is moved towards or away from team member
  • Good hand-eye coordination and hand strength
  • Regularly reaching for, grasping and/or picking up objects
  • Bending forward by bending at waist or bending legs and spine

How to apply:

  • Email resume and cover letter to