Location: Woodstock, VT

Type: Full Time Position

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee glaze department
  • Glaze testing & material reordering
  • Improve glaze efficiency & process
  • Ensure department cleanliness
  • Glaze Daily

Oversee Overall Glaze Department

  • Work with other Production Leads to glaze priority items on daily basis
  • Oversee Glaze Associates to make sure they are glazing efficiently and staying on task
  • Oversee and improve workflow of glaze department
  • Train on glaze technique

Glaze Testing & Material Reordering

  • Test glaze when it is delivered 
  • Work with the Production Leadership Team to eliminate glaze flaws - pin-holing, crawling, etc.
  • Work with Studio Tech to reorder glaze as needed & other glazing materials and tools

Improvement of Glaze Efficiency & Process

  • Improve current glaze process
    • Including but not limited to new tools, techniques, firing programs etc.

Ensure department cleanliness

  • Train glaze associates on good housekeeping for a clean and safe work environment
  • Maintain and improve standard operating procedure for silica and dust management 

Daily Glazing

  • Glaze pieces efficiently and to the standard of the sample
  • Maintain overall cleanliness & organization of glaze area
  • Maintain consistency with quality of glaze application

The ideal candidate has an understanding of production glazing and an understanding of glaze chemistry. 


  • Ability to stand for eight hours with repetitive tasks
  • Good hand-eye coordination and hand strength
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to work 40+ hours a week, possibly including weekends