E-Commerce + Marketing Manager

Location: Woodstock, VT

Type: Full-Time

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Online store management 
  • Online store merchandising
  • New product build-out 
  • Category analytics
  • Web operations
  • Registry management
  • Design marketing campaigns
  • Organize and maintain brand assets
  • Manage social media strategy


Online Store Management:

  • Build and follow a master calendar and ensure that website releases are planned in advance and creative briefs are given in proper time prior to needing assets
  • Manage the updating of the homepage and high-traffic pages in line with company-wide sales strategy
  • Oversee the updating of collections and product pages to lead the customer to in stock and featured items. 
  • Prioritize and support on-site programs (i.e. subscription, bundled products) that build the business and increase customer satisfaction.

Online Store Merchandising: 

  • Lead the development and execution of merchandising and promotional strategies on site by identifying key products, managing site hierarchy, navigation and aligning behind seasonal themes and campaigns.
  • Leverage web analytics to understand performance of and customer interaction with site content and general online shopping experiences to identify opportunities for growth.
  • Be sure all web content is seasonally appropriate and rotated regularly

New Product Build Out: 

  • Collect all creative assets (video, photo, copy, dimensions and weights) of new products to be added to the website
  • Work with internal team to build new products or categories.  
  • Ensure all products are SEO ready (title tags and metadata), tagged and categorized as needed.  
  • Work with the product development team to ensure products are built and ready on all platforms

Category Analytics:

  • Evaluate and maintain effective navigation, hierarchy and filtering strategies that drive conversion and reinforce a positive brand experience
  • Utilize Google Analytics and Meta Commerce Manager to build stronger performance on these channels
  • Provide reporting to the product development team about popular searches and category performance

Registry Management:

  • Develop and improve the registry program with the support of the customer service team
  • Provide analytics and projections about registry performance and demand
  • Regularly review and improve the registry content


  • Create weekly reports that deliver executive level summaries of KPIs as they relate to our ecommerce channel including AOV, cart abandonment, time on site, bounce rate, etc. 
  • Provide regular competitive analysis.

Web Operations:

  • Understand the role of the website as our fastest growing channel; execute initiatives which increase brand awareness, sales, and customer retention
  • Act as the consumer and business lead for our ecommerce channel. 
  • Partner internally to support brand storytelling
  • Define and manage website experience including shop flow/UI, presentation, refreshing of content, visual merchandising, functionality, and responsiveness, and performance.
  • Excellence in navigation, search/filtering, and checkout experience as measured by industry benchmarks and KPIs
  • Optimize shop concepts and landing pages for key customer segments and category growth opportunities. 
  • Improving product detail page performance through content and UI/UX.
  • Utilize and report on site analytics to monitor performance and drive growth.
  • Oversee website related implementations, migrations and decommissions

Design Marketing Campaigns: 

  • Strategize content calendar across all channels
  • Manage deadlines and deliver drafts of all campaign materials in advance
  • Oversee development of creative assets for in-store and online to appropriately communicate marketing campaigns to all customers

Organize and Maintain Brand Assets: 

  • Manage company graphic assets including logos, fonts, colors etc. 
  • Maintain company Dropbox account and ensure usability across all departments
  • Ensure all print materials, signage, digital campaigns are consistent and work together to tell the brand story

Contractor Oversight

  • Oversee management of contractors as they relate to digital assets & social media
  • Ensure all digital outlets are cohesive in brand messaging 
  • Ensure work is executed timely and deliverables are met